Our Services

Enviro-FOAM offers the following services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and northern Lower Peninsula:

Spray Foam Insulation

-Closed-cell spray foam insulation
-Open-cell spray foam insulation

Injection Foam Insulation

-Retro-fitting houses (walls and vaulted ceilings)
-Block-fill (commercial buildings, foundations)

Blown Fiber Insulation (attics, walls, floors, ceiling cavities)


Batt Insulation


Thermal Imaging

-Locate areas of air-infiltration/exfiltration, insulation issues, and moisture issues.
-Digital reports with quality thermal images

Duct Pressure Testing

-Code-compliant testing for new residential construction when ductwork passes outside of thermal envelope (i.e., in vented crawlspaces or in attics).

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation

-Required by code for new construction
-Lowers humidity in crawlspace which reduces risk of mold and improves indoor air quality
-High-quality white poly ranging from 6-mil to 20-mil in thickness
-Crawlspace clean-outs and dirt leveling

Blower-Door Testing

-Code-compliant testing for new residential construction (must achieve less than 4 ACH at -50 pa)
-Can be used to determine degree of improvement of air-sealing work